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Who are we? This question contains so much depth it cannot be explained within a few paragraphs, but here’s a short summary of what we do at Sync I.T Solutions. Sync I.T Solutions specializes in providing IT related services and products to small, midsized and corporate clients in Canada, from sectors as diverse...

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Home Theater Systems

Home Theater purchases can be a frustrating experience. Flat Panel TV’s, what type is better? Do I need this expensive HDMI cable, and what is it anyway? Blu-ray or DVD, which is best for me? Unfortunately the previous questions and more still exist after the purchase from a big box store.

The objective behind custom home theater is to duplicate the experience of an actual movie theatre in your home - to create an environment that minimizes outside distractions and allows you to become absorbed in the sights and sounds that are being presented to you. That may be a feature film, a television drama or comedy, a documentary or a presentation of a live musical concert or performance.

We at Sync IT Solutions are experts in custom home theater solutions. If you are building a new residence or upgrading an existing one, this is the time to have your new home theatre system installed. Our certified staff would be happy to develop a system that will meet your audio video tastes as well as meet your budget.

Part of our home theater installation service includes pre-purchase inspection. When we see the room environment and listen / view your current system, we can tailor make a system to meet or exceed your expectations. A salesman in a store can’t do that. This allows you to be confident in your future investment. Unlike the Big Box stores where sometimes you spend to much and your expectations are not met.

One fundamental concept in custom home theater is the dimension of the screen - not so much the size as the ratio of screen width to height. The dimension of the screen enables the impressive panoramic vistas and creative framing that directors and cinematographers use when they create movies. Ideally, a home theater should reproduce the aspect ratio of an actual movie screen so the viewer gets the "whole picture," just as the filmmaker intended.

High-quality sound is also a critical factor. Contemporary films make use of elaborate soundtracks with multiple tracks and carefully orchestrated sound effects, dialog and musical scoring. Ironically, until recently most televisions delivered all sounds through a single tiny, low-quality speaker roughly equivalent to one used in a transistor radio. In recent years, this has changed dramatically as home viewers have demanded that home systems deliver the kind of sound that rivals that of movie theaters and high-end home stereo systems. Home-theater systems now feature five or more speakers to deliver the multidimensional sound movie enthusiasts have grown to expect.

Every home theater system needs to be controlled. With today's technology and what it has to offer, many people overlook the control portion of their system. Twelve remotes to turn your system on? This becomes frustrating almost immediately. Our systems are tailored to make your experience easy and user friendly so it makes alot of sense to incorporate a universal all in one remote control to operate your media experience. One touch of a button and all of the equipment powers up and another allows you to jump to your favourite DVD. Behind the scenes, we have programmed your remote control to change inputs and sound levels customized for your system. It makes the whole experience seamless and you can set out to do what you bought this system to do. Watch and Enjoy! See a selection of our clever home theatre remote controls...

Whether it is a new Home Theatre Installation project or you are already in your home Sync IT Solutions can provide the solutions and services that you need. Our team of specialists will bring you to your next level of your home audio video experience.

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